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“Initially, I was skeptical about reading the book. My thought was how can a divorced person tell someone how to have a healthy and lasting relationship. After hearing Chris speak and expressing how he doesn’t want others to experience the pain he went through in his divorce, I decided to purchase the book. The book was excellent and it will captivate your attention. Chris uses his painful experiences to help others not make the same mistakes. He writes about what he would have done differently. Things he should have done before he said I do. Things he could have done to make the marriage work. I think the book is awesome, and I plan to read it again with my significant other when he comes into my life.

Here are some excerpts from the book that were impactful:

“All too often, we marry the person who seems to be the right person during a particular season in our lives. God chooses the one who is right
for the entirety of our lives. Unfortunately, some don’t realize that the shoe doesn’t fit until it’s too late.”

“Tools for Improving Your Communication: Check-ins, Question of the Day, Games, Spiritual enrichment, Workshops/seminars, Team building exercise, Books, and Dancing.”

God wants us to depend on Him for answers and solutions in our relationships and our marriages. God wants us to be supportive, understanding and compassionate to the things that our spouses deal with on a day-to-day basis. This is impossible without conforming to His Word and His ways. If you want to make the world a better place open up your heart and let God make the change. Real change starts with accepting God into your life. God wants to change the man and woman that we see in the mirror to be more like His image. Real change comes from God.” ~ Chell

“Can We Talk by Chris Richardson is a great book and easy read that is filled with lots of great nuggets for anyone looking to enhance their relationship. I love how Chris shared his stories and the lessons he’s learned to help him become a better man and to help us to become better people. Thanks Chris! Great job and well done.” ~ Desiree James

“Read the book in a day. Wow! Mr. Richardson, I have to say that you hit the nail on the head.  This book is what’s needed for both singles and married couples.  Communication is important in any relationship.  I lost a few relationships in my earlier years due to communication issues.  I was the one who would shut down and totally ignore the problems in the relationship, but through those lost relationships I have learned to be more open and express my thoughts.  It’s amazing how you were able to tap into a woman’s emotions.  I appreciate you being so transparent and open about your life.  It has been both inspiring and eye-opening. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!” ~ Yolanda Anderson

“I just finished reading Can We Talk? This book was excellent for singles, the engaged, and the married couples. It was an easy read that kept me fully engaged on the subject. I appreciate the candor and transparency by Mr. Richardson regarding his personal life and how it affected him. I was pleasantly surprised by his honesty of not only from the point of view of women, but of men. Although, I have never been married, I see the true value of the information and advice presented by Mr. Richardson. This book definitely inspired me to re-examine myself prior to getting to any relationship and focus mainly on my relationship with God; keeping Him first and foremost as the head in any of my relationships. I welcome his frankness in the operation of marriage and relationships. I honestly believe if anyone applies the principles that he has offered; the life of a marriage or relationship will be saved. I highly recommend this book.” ~ Tonya Gordon

Can We Talk? A Journey Towards Having a Healthy and Lasting Relationship 

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